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  • MEN’S HAIRCUT400 Hrn
  • HAIR STYLING 100 Hrn
  • TRIM 250 Hrn
  • BOY’S HAIRCUT 350 Hrn
  • FATHER+SON 650 Hrn



Hello, gentlemen! We are glad to present you a new barbershop in Kharkov!

Our advantages:

  • Easy to get from anywhere in Kharkov
  • You do not have to wait long and you can come with friends
  • We work quickly and neatly
  • If you do not want a cup of coffee and a conversation, we can offer you a glass of whiskey and some music

Why we

In our city there are a lot of hairdressing salons, berbershops and other places, where a man’s face and head can be taken care of. But we still insist - it is better to have your hair cut and face shaved at our salon.

We are very attentive to details. Our warm towels do not burn the skin, neither they are ice-cold. You will definitely be pleased.

We are creative about any hairstyle. You would like to bring some freshness to you "lumberjack" style but without any major change? No problem - you’ll have you lumberjack. But it will be absolutely new and original every week.

The atmosphere here is special. Yes, nowadays everyone offers coffee or even whiskey. But our barista puts his soul into coffee, and there is always a little more whiskey in your glass. It is difficult to explain, you need to try it at least once.

You do not have to waste time on transport, traffic jams and other unnecessary things. It is better to spend half an hour in a pleasant company.

We have the best barbers in the city, and every product that a man may need to care for his appearance is also available here. You can not even imagine that there are so many excellent products for your hair, beard and skin. We will help you to look great every day.

The salon is always full of people. The brightest representatives of the male part of the city come to us. Here can communicate with interesting people as well as find new useful acquaintances.

Comfortable armchairs. You can sit down and relax, get away from work and everyday rush while our barber is working on your style.

We do not hesitate to admit that we are the best barbershop in Kharkov.

How to order

If you are a businessman and every minute counts, dial our number +38 (098) 748-22-99. The administrator will register you and you are guaranteed to receive a free chair and the best barber at a given time.

If you are a modern person, book online. Just a few clicks, you know what to do.

If you know what is really important and appreciate every moment of your life, just come at any convenient time from 10:00 to 21:00. Even if all the barbers are busy, you will have a wonderful time in the company of real men and at least one lovely lady. A glass of whiskey, a cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation about the meaning of life or yesterday's boxing match is guaranteed.

What do we offer and how much does it cost

  1. Just a haircut - your hair becomes shorter, and you become more attractive
  2. Hairstyle? This is for girls. For men it is enough that all the hair on the head were of the same length - 3 mm.
  3. Every hair of your hairstyle must know its place
  4. Only those hairs that grow downward are shortened
  5. Everything is serious in here, with warm towels
  6. All-inclusive, we take care of all the hair of your head
  7. We do not call them children, we treat them like adults. Like young men
  8. Leisure for a strong half of the family

How does it happen

Only you decide what style is best for you while our barber offers you a lot of interesting options. Each hairstyle, even a very short one, is a small work of art, a combination of creativity and natural beauty.

We hire only the best and highly experienced barbers, with excellent recommendations. Of course, they work not quickly, but as neatly as possible. Time flies, you will not even notice how your style will be perfected, the barber will take off the cape and you will appreciate his work.

We recommend taking your son with you if you are lucky enough to have one. Visiting men's establishments is, perhaps, the best that a father can teach his son to do. A boy should grow up, seeing vivid examples of correct behavior, and not listening to tedious lectures.

When should you visit the barbershop

We recommend visiting our barbershop at least once every 2-3 weeks. No, you do not have to have your hair cut so often, but the barber will always find the smallest detail that can be improved. Let your appearance always be flawless, and the length of each hair on the open parts of the body correspond to your wishes to within a millimeter.

Choose one day of a week, which belongs only to you. Not necessarily Friday night. Let it be Wednesday morning or Monday lunch. You are free to manage your time and you do not have to obey the same schedule as others. Devote an hour or two only to yourself, turn off the phone and relax. Nothing should interfere with pleasure.

Come to us, as soon as your reflection in the mirror will make you uncertain about your looks.

We will quickly make things right!


Nezavisimosti Ave., 17,
Kharkov, Ukraine
‎098 7482299
Kultury Str., 17,
Kharkov, Ukraine
‎050 7482299
Working hours:Mon - Sun: 09 AM - 8 PM